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MAY 2019

Ghazal & Daniel

multicultural queen elizabeth park "celebration of love"

I love how couples these days are bucking tradition and doing their own thing. Ghazal and Dany semi-eloped with a small group of friends present two years ago in snowy Pemberton. Ghazal is Iranian, Dany Mexican, and they originally didn't want a huge affair with their family having to travel across the world to get here. Much to their families' consternation! In the spring, they reached out to me in search of someone to cover their "Celebration of Love" - a vow renewal with traditional cultural elements for their families to be present for. The date was set - May 25th, 2019 at Seasons in the Park in Queen Elizabeth Park.

We've been having quite the rollercoaster of a year weather-wise, so as the day approached we were all checking the forecast constantly as it oscillated from sunny to rainy and everything in between. The day dawned rainy and grey, but Ghazal and Dany took everything in stride - one of the most chill couples I've ever worked with! Their come-what-may attitude paid off and just as we were about to start my coverage, the rain stopped, and by the end of the day we were rewarded with a lovely sunset.


Their day, just like their marriage, ran backwards to tradition! We began with our portraits, and went immediately into the 'reception' - a delicious early dinner attended by Ghazal & Dany's family and closest friends. This was followed by family portraits as more guests began to arrive for a cocktail hour during which they surprised their family with a wedding video from their elopement! We managed to slip out for a few minutes to capture a few more portraits as the sun set, and then it was back inside for the ceremony. This was my first Persian wedding and I loved learning about all the special details on their sofreh, and their individual meanings. Immediately afterward, celebratory dancing, champagne, cake, and a very happy first dance.


I am so glad to have been a part of Ghazal and Dany's heartfelt, fun day!

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