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FALL 2019

Jessica & Jake

colourful autumnal artist portraits


Loving this late-fall session with Jessica and Jake for their new music duo project.

Jessica, who I've known for many years now, is an amazing multi-talented individual with more fingers in more pots than is genuinely comprehensible. Jack of all trades and master of all!! A wonderful musician, gorgeous dancer, beautiful model, talented actress, unique artist, has multiple post-secondary degrees (and constantly in school for more??), running multiple businesses, an entrepreneur, activist, and marketing specialist! Literally, what can't she do?! Jessica also now chairs the Women in Jazz Association of BC, an organisation I am very proud to be an original founder of along with my dearly loved soul-sister Jessica Hawkes and the hugely missed and ever-loved Natasha D'Agostino.

I was not surprised in the least when Jessica turned it the f*** out immediately upon arrival for our shoot, but Jake's (who I had only met the first time for this shoot!) aptitude was a great surprise! These two did an awesome job on a tight timeline.

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