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Mackie & Joel

sweet, genuine church wedding


These two high school sweethearts were truly heartmelting!

Mackie had had her eye on Joel for some time before they finally got together and, well, clearly her picker was right on target! One and done! 

It was a short day for me working with Danika for the first time- off before the reception started- but what a lovely day. Danika was one of the most chill, sweet people I've had the pleasure of 2nd shooting for. Another overcast one that somehow just made the atmosphere feel even sweeter.

I started my day hanging out at Joel's parents' house as Joel and his groomsmen got ready, jokes aplenty. He confided in me privately that he felt really nervous but I never would have guessed! Then it was off to the church for their extremely personal and sentimental ceremony. Their pastor, who had known them both since childhood, did a wonderful job, and there was some really lovely music performed by friends of the couple. Knot tied, rings on, it was off to a nearby park for bridal party and couple portraits. The leaves were just starting to turn, and paired with the industrial architecture under the overpass, it made for a cool contrast for the photos. Highlight was a couple of (wet) pups crashing the party to say hello! Luckily they were very well behaved boys and no dresses were muddied!

2nd shot for Danika Camba Photography

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