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Alex, Paul & Hamilton

blackie spit family session with an adorable pup


I met Paul over a decade ago in university, long before he got together with his now-wife Alex. Mutual friends recently put us back in touch when they came from Calgary to visit their families in Surrey, and they wanted some family shots of the two of them and their adorable doggo Hamilton!

The weather was looking pretty dodgy for our original date, but luckily they were in town for the week and had a flexible schedule, so we met at Crescent Beach in White Rock on a Monday evening! Little Hammy showed off his excellent training by being a total pro at 'sit and stay' and giving me all that cute face! 

We took a lovely walk at Blackie Spit where the golden hour light was just perfect to catch and reflect in the grass and seed-puffs. Careful of the no-dog rule as the spit is an ecologically protected area, Paul carried Hamilton in his arms so we could get out on the spit for some waterfront photos. 

It was so nice to catch up with these two and meet their furry child! He was a true Good Boy™. Alex and Paul are starting a new adventure moving to Manitoba this month, but I hope they'll come visit and maybe we can get together again in the future!

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