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JULY 2019

Vanessa & Jordi

rustic glam abbotsford wedding

What a joy to shoot with Claire for the first time! We drove out to Abbotsford together ahead of time to check out some locations that had been changed last-minute, all the while hoping the heavy clouds above kept their burden at bay (at least til we were indoors at the church!). Aside from a few sprinkles during our first look, though, we got lucky with the weather as much as with the group of people we met for Vanessa and Jordi's big day.

We started at Vanessa's parents' house capturing the details of her and her bridesmaids getting ready, before I popped over to Jordi's place a short ways away where the groom and his groomsmen were dealing with a crisis! Their DJ had been in a car accident (luckily he was ok, but had to miss out on the day)! Right away I was impressed with Jordi's calm, cool, collectedness. He set right to work problem solving and all through it the smile stayed on his face—and he made sure we still got the shots we needed! 

Things were running a little behind schedule and Claire did a great job at soothing the bride's jittery nerves about it. We managed to make it to the first look location—the same spot Vanessa and Jordi began dating, and also where he proposed!—and Jordi and I went ahead to their special bench in the park to open his gift from Vanessa, which was a personalised engraved tie pin. On the way we got to know each other a little better, he told me their whole story, and I've gotta say, I've never met a groom so unabashedly excited to get married! Whatever obstacles arose through the day, Jordi was smiling and enthusiastic; just stoked to get hitched!

After the first look Claire managed to convince the couple to boot it over to a nearby lavender farm to inject a little summer colour into the grey day. It turned out to be a great idea, and totally worth dodging the crowds of tourists! It was a rush to the church, but we made it!

The ceremony was sweet and heartfelt, including special passages read by their pastor, 2 hymns, and a vocal performance by one of the bridesmaids. While the couple greeted their guests in their receiving line afterwards, friends and family enjoyed a cold treat from the ice cream bar! After a quick walk to a park across the street for family photos, it was off to Chilliwack Golf Club for the fantastic reception.

Guys. GUYS. What a reception! The venue was really fantastic and the staff were great, but what really made it were the guests! An uncle and aunt were the MCs, and they did a stellar job. Full of fun, unique games, great speeches, heartfelt advice, and loads of laughs. You could really feel the love and sense of community. Claire and I even got a little verklempt more than once!

2nd shot for Claire Garner Photography

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