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JULY 2022

Aislinn & Sherman


bright & fun-filled Cecil Green House wedding

AislinnSherman220722 121.jpg

Serious question: Why is yellow not a thing?!

Get ready to fall in love with yellow as a super sweet, sunny and fun wedding colour, perfectly personified by 
Aislinn & Sherman's super summery bash!

These two and their massive wedding party really made for a wedding that was light-hearted, easy-going, and totally fun despite the heatwave we were experiencing! 

Things started off for me with Sherman and the boys in a sardine-packed condo that, despite being super tight on space, was so filled with cheeky fun you'd have no idea there was 12 people trying to manoeuvre themselves into tuxedos and document it in about 600 square feet! Sometimes having large wedding parties is a total hassle, but these guys kept it super light and super fun; a regular comedy troupe! I could tell right away that A) Sherman and Aislinn's friends group clearly spoke volumes about them as people in the best way possible, and B) it was gonna be a wild, fun day. If I hadn't already figured this out within about 5 minutes of arriving, the groomsmen gifts of fun socks, utility knives, and Smirnoff Ices hidden in Polar thermoses would have tipped me off. "Can we get a photo shotgunning these on the beach??" Uh, yeah, bud, you sure can!!

It was off to Locarno Beach for groomsman photos, quite the feat to wrangle this group of rowdy guys but more than down to get silly (insistant, even!) and have a laugh. In a swirl of butt-grabs, Smirnoff-shotgunning, and Viagra-gifting (don't ask...!), the boys piled back into their limo van for a quick cheeky pre-ceremony McD's trip and I was off to their venue, the lovely Cecil Green House at the tip of the UBC peninsula.

Receptions set up on the patio and ceremony down on the lawn, the venue was decked out left and right in sunny yellow flowers everywhere you looked. So good! All the vendors were gushing, why don't more people use yellow?! It also showed up in Sherman's boutonniere, Aislinn's bouquet, and, as the ceremony began and the wedding party filed down the line, in Aislinn's bridesmaids' dresses, all slightly unique in shade but so fabulously paired! Seeing Aislinn for the first time, Sherman was immediately wiping at tears through his grin, totally overwhelmed by her in her beautiful sleek gown and vintage-y half-up strawberry blonde waves.

The ceremony was short and sweet, tears aplenty from the bride & groom, wedding party, family, and friends, making it official as the sun haloed them so perfectly through the willow tree above them as they signed their documents. A quick wedding party huddle and congrats as they filed back down the aisle, and it was straight into group photos, full of laughter and just the right amount of rowdy fun to create truly genuine, in-the-moment photos! 

Bridal portraits amongst the flowers and trees of the estate provided a welcome cool-down and moment of quiet, Aislinn and Sherman hardly able to wipe the grins off their faces to get a few more soft/serious portraits in the mix. Family photos as guests enjoyed cocktails and champagne rounded things out before the wedding party was swept inside to make their grand entrance into the sun-dappled patio reception.

The food was delicious, the wine was flowing, and the speeches were top-tier. Aislinn and Sherman, sat privately together at their loveseat couples-table at the head of the patio shared constant laughs, kisses, and more than a few quiet, almost disbelieving looks, so clearly in love and happy as the sun dipped behind the ocean horizon. Inside as night fell, a tender first dance in the ballroom, before the volume was kicked up and the dancefloor flooded with friends and family.

2nd shot for Nomad by NK

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