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welcome to kin.

kin is a project that focuses on artistic/intimate portraiture of marginalised and/or traditionally 'othered' folks. this includes people who are queer/LGBTQ+, trans folks, people of colour, disabled and neurodivergent folks, people of all different shapes and sizes, heavily modified folks, and all women. 

at its core, kin is an evolving project about connection: connecting like-with-like, connecting brain-to-body, connecting those without means to an opportunity otherwise out of reach. this is a collaborative space- we are making art together, you and i. this is not an artist + subject relationship here; we are both painting the same canvas.

kin is also unique in that it is not a financially-powered project and does not follow the same standards regarding pricing as the other avenues of my business. i offer a sliding scale model in pricing on an individual basis based on need, as well as accepting services and goods trades from fellow creatives and self-employed labourers. this is about accessibility of a service that is often inaccessible to marginalised folks directly due to their being marginalised; this may be on a financial basis, but i also want to recognise that portraiture, especially creative and/or intimate portraiture, is a domain dominated by the thin, the white, the cishet, the "conventional", and the abled. it's my goal for kin to be an accepting, safe, and fun space for folks who might shy away from this opportunity based on the industry and what is commonly seen, as well as folks who simply do not have financial access to a luxury like a personal photoshoot. Avenues for self-acceptance, self-love, and artistic expression should be available to all.

let's make some art.

if you'd like to know more about kin and its genesis

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if you'd like to book a session or inquire further about kin, please contact me

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