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Camilla & TJ


modern & chic city wedding at the permanent vancouver

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Another oldie but goodie, and working with a colleague who is one of the best of the best in town, Meghan Hemstra!

Camilla & TJ tied the knot in super modern and chic style at The Permanent one perfect September Saturday!

Well- actually, they tied the knot in totally secret surprise style at an intimate rehearsal-dinner-turned-actual-wedding one perfect September Friday! Unbeknownst to their guests who thought they were showing up for the actual to-dos, Camilla & TJ decided it was too much fuss and what they really wanted was a good old fashioned reception bash with their loved ones without all the formalities. So instead of a family-only rehearsal dinner the night before, their dinner turned out to be a surprise wedding, which they sneakily filmed. 

Come Saturday, plans were in place- they had gone all-out on taking The Permanent in downtown Vancouver from romantic art-decor glamour to modern luxury with a dollop of classic beauty. Casually getting ready nearby at the Pan Pacific, Meghan and I arrived as the newlyweds went over the plan: the guests, likely confused about the non-ceremony-ready cocktail set-up with gorgeous bar, grazing table and florals galore, would be gathered round for an announcement. Then, lights down. Projector up. The sweetly home-made video of their surprise vows surprising a whole new set of loved ones!

Both looking chic and perfectly Downtown, after a few casual portraits it was off to join the party which was already in swing! And speaking of that grazing table, holy foodie heaven! And for good reason, as Camilla and TJ recently took over ownership of well-known Vancouver favourite, Boy With a Knife - if you own your own catering company, what better excuse to go all out than your own nuptials?? And go all out they sure did! Not just with amazing spread of food, but on all the finishing touches: gorgeous stylish florals, beautiful luxe decor, and complementing cocktails to match their culinary offerings.

The plan? Rock solid. The execution? Flawless. Guests were first shocked and then thrilled upon learning the deed was already done, congratulations and toasts were abound, and everyone got to get straight into the good part: the celebrations, which was every bit as fun and no-fuss as the newlyweds hoped for, with a live DJ shepherding them into the real party as the sun set behind the sky scrapers and mountains.

2nd shooting for Meghan Hemstra Photography

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