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Chelsea & Carlos


vibrant multicultural Winding Willow Farm wedding

ChelseaCarlos060822 79.jpg

Ok, when we say "dance party" THIS is what we're talkin' about!!

Can't decide between a farm wedding and a forest wedding? Chelsea and Carlos had the best of both worlds at Winding Willow Farm in Langley, a total hidden gem that appears in movies and TV more often than wedding photos! But don't let that fool you, this place is near perfection when it comes to venues! 

And check out all the perfectly rustic details, from the signage to the built-in reception decor in the barn– industrial repurposed light fixtures everywhere, a built-in live-edge bar, wine-barrel speaker's stand, and that permanent heart light installation behind the head table... talk about picture-perfect! These two balanced that rustic charm perfectly with bright and modern summery florals of red, orange and yellow which paired perfectly with those chic satin olive-green bridesmaids dresses!

The ceremony, down the winding path into the literal forest cathedral, kept things cool before the afternoon and evening really heated up, and I'm not talking about the weather! A lively reception of speeches and many boisterous toasts (and more than a few tears!) told the story of avid world-travelers Chelsea and Carlos' fated first meeting and subsequent relationship, spanning literal continents! Carlos' Panamananian family especially were a lively bunch, and things only got livelier as tables were eventually removed to make way for a truly epic dance party.

I'm talking salsa. I'm talking rhumba. I'm talking shirts-off, dance battle, breakdancing, scream-along-til-you-lose-your-voice nonstop epic-macarena for hours! As soon as one couple needed a break, another two were ready to step in and fill their spot. Honestly, our coverage as wedding photographers more often than not tends to wrap up within the first 15-30 minutes post-first-dance; just enough to get a lil flavour of the party while everyone is still fresh and, well... relatively sober. Not these guys! Primary shoter Tallya and I were there for almost a full two hours of party-central, and I've never had so much fun capturing this portion of the night!

2nd shot for Tallya Lalonde Photography

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