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JUNE 2023



edgy & ethereal kinphoto session

Chloe050623 39.jpg

She's back, back, back again!

It's a bit of a tradition at this point when I visit Alberta to take my beautiful baby cousin out for a photo-day to meander around the countryside of southern AB. We had a number of family members in town, including our uncle who is himself a photographer in his post-retirement-hobby-turned-2nd-career. I've shot with other photographers before in the context of weddings, but in those settings one person is always leading and the other working as support. I've never shot alongside someone else on an equal level doing something more loose and creative, and I thought it would be fun and interesting to see someone else's approach to the same setting and same subject, so I invited my uncle along for the day.

Fun and interesting it was! He and I have very different styles and approaches to everything from framing, posing, and lighting to all the aspects of editing, and it was really neat to sort of take turns and see what he found inspiring or dynamic. 

Chloe, as usual, was a great subject, it's so nice to have a pre-established foundation when working with someone where you both already know each other, have worked together, and things fall into place easier each time. Doesn't hurt when they're a knockout... getting to make art together makes getting the short end of the stick of the family genetic lottery a little less bitter hahaha! Good thing I'm much happier behind the camera than in front of it anyways ;)

Alberta is such a different ballgame for me in terms of visual aesthetics, it's always fun to be forced out of the comfort of forests and coastlines to work somewhere totally different. I never would have thought in the years I was living there that I'd someday come to really appreciate the beauty of the prairies and even miss it from time to time! Maybe someday soon I can get Chloe out into my neck of the woods, too!

Pretty stoked on these, considering these little photo-days are very loose and unplanned, just dropping pins on google maps and hittin' the road. Honestly, it's my ideal type of shoot- I wish I could do this for all my solo portraits! 

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