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Christina & David


sweet & emotional museum of vancouver wedding

ChristinaDavid120822 91b.jpg

This was a season of GREAT groom reactions, and I think David might have had one of my very favourites! Tell me your heart doesn't melt over those snaps... and I'll call you out for the liar you are!!

Another hot one, my day started with Christina and her girls down at her parents' beautiful White Rock home overlooking the ocean. Adorable details galore!! From the custom bride/bridesmaid robes, bridesmaid gifts, and Christina's gorgeous modern-yet-classic gown with its beautiful lace bodice, to sweet moments of popping champagne, first looks, and a heartfelt prayer before departing, it was a whirlwind packed into less than hour of prep coverage! How sweet is the bridesmaids' first look?!

Arriving at Museum of Vancouver, presiding over the lovely waterfront Vanier Park, it was a delicately timed dance between primary Michelle (SO stoked to work with my old pal again!), the planner and I getting both Christina and David out to our chosen spot for their pre-ceremony no-looking-allowed private moment without being seen by each other or guests! Back-to-back in the wildflower-dotted tall grass of an adjacent building, they were both clearly overwhelmed with emotion for what was to come.

The intimate ceremony, overlooking the ocean, downtown AND the mountains (pretty impressive to have all 3 in one spot!!) was full of sweet moments, personal readings, song, and tears a-plenty. Again, peep that reaction from David as he took in his to-be for the first time in all her bridal splendor! Definitely one I'll remember for a long time!


Papers signed and marriage officially official, we took shelter from the sun briefly inside as the newlyweds were congratulated by all their family and friends, and a cheeky McDonald's UberEats snack was promptly delivered to the famished bride! Guests were sent on at their leisure to head over to the reception at the Vancouver Royal Yacht Club for cocktails and snacks while Michelle and I rounded up the bridal party to head down through the park to the waterfront for portraits. 

Released from our care, I accompanied the party heading over to the VRYC while Michelle stayed behind for bridal portraits. Copious cocktails and tapas aplenty, I spent a last spurt of coverage grabbing all the reception details, including the classic nautical banquet hall, before popping outside to capture a few last candids of the guests relaxing and mingling on the scenic waterfront patio. A truly perfect wedding day! Biggest congrats to Christina and David!

2nd shot for Michelle Chartrand Photography

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