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JULY 2022

Hailey & Mat


sweet, beachy Brock House wedding

HaileyMat280722 88.jpg

Never! In my life! Have I seen! Such cute kids!

Hailey and Mat's beachy summer wedding was definitely a memorable one for multiple reasons, none more so than the plethora of totally adorable kids!

We were truly spoiled for locations for this one, starting out with getting ready in the absolutely spectacular Kitsilano beach-front home of a family friend. This might be the most beautiful house I've had the pleasure of being in, honestly! Talk about turning green with envy! There was plenty of room for groom Mat and the boys on the lower two levels to take their time getting dressed and knocking back a couple cold drinks on the deck overlooking the shoreline with gorgeous views of downtown and the North Shore Mountains. Upstairs, it was a flurry of activity with the girls and multiple babies getting hair and makeup done, and into their gowns.

Bride Hailey, a glowing new mom of the cutest little 18mo ever (and absolute spitting image of her dad), looked drop dead gorgeous in a lightweight gown with a beaded bodice and flowing train, hair half-up in cascading curls and surprising pops of colour in her earrings and ring.


The first look was kept short and sweet down in the backyard garden, followed by a few quick photos taking advantage of the beautiful architecture and view of the house. Then it was immediately off to Jericho Beach for family photos which we powered through in record speed thanks to the ease of their family members! Meandering across the grassy lawns south of the beach through willow trees (and dodging not a small amount of goose poop!), more portraits, and wedding party photos, before we were joined by their beautiful freshly-awoken daughter who gave us so many smiles and perfect moments!


Just next door, the ceremony and reception venue at the classic beachfront Brock House. Through the house, through the tented reception patio, the ceremony was set up under the massive oak shading the lawn. Classic green and white lily floral arrangements kept the focus on the beauty of the setting. 

A heartfelt ceremony was punctuated with adorable baby-related interruptions and emotional family members from near and far, and then lead directly into a relaxed cocktail where bride and groom were totally free to mingle, chat, and enjoy a glass of champagne as the sun began to lower over the ocean. Dinner, a delicious full-service affair, was peppered with speeches that were kept short and sweet and heavy on the laughs. 

We escaped by the skin of our teeth to run back to the beach, kicking shoes off in the hurry, in time for sunset portraits to the applause and well-wishes of many beach-goers on one of the hottest days of the summer. Darkness falling, it was back next door to wrap up speeches and finish up coverage with some sweet and emotional dances.

Heading back to our cars, the beach was too irresistible a temptation after the sweltering day. Despite having no towel or change of clothes, I ran over to the beach and took a quick 15-minute cool-off dip as sounds of music and celebration from the reception next door echoed out over the water. 

A totally amazing day!!

2nd shot for Nomad by NK Photography

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