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JUNE 2023



artistic and intimate portrait session

JABI220623 52.jpg


I met Jabi, a talented South Korean tattoo artist, through a pal whose shop she was guesting at during the first half of 2023. Said pal was busy making inky mince meat of my chest one spring afternoon when I noticed an unfamiliar face come in and set up. I put my limited Korean to work and got to know this brand new friend. 

Taking a break up on the building's roof, I sh
owed Jabi the photos from a shoot I did with our aforementioned mutual pal, and we ended up makin' a good 'ol trade deal. A month later, I had a super sick new Korean-style 호랑이 (tiger) on my arm (and a little subtle tribute – 땡 (iykyk!!)), and later that week Jabi and I were in a nearby studio I've worked at before and loved, just a short walk away from the tattoo studio, for her photo session.

It was my first time working with a client with limited English, but between my basic Korean, her English (way better than my Korean haha), a lot of let-me-show-you/copy-me, and a dollop of her handy translator app (google translate ain't got nothin' on this app!), we got through it with flying colours. I definitely learned a lot about communicating with clients when there's a language barrier– something I've always been curious about as I've been traveling a lot more these recent few years and would LOVE to be doing sessions abroad. 

I'm so pleased with the results of this shoot, and I'm so happy Jabi trusted me to get a lil' artsy fartsy with the backdrop and florals etc. It came out just how I envisioned it!

고마워요 자비! 사랑해! 다녀와요~

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