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Maddy & Tomas


modern, stylish & bright brix & mortar wedding

M&T0922 80.jpg

Ummmm not sure who is more head over heels here, these two stylish cuties, or me with them and their big day!?

Maddy and Tomas' modern and colourful downtown wedding was truly a feast for the eyes! From couple, to wedding party, to ceremony and all the decor, even their guests, the day was just dripping with style. Bright florals and decor contrasted perfectly with the modern settings for their portraits at the classic Roman-esque Vancouver Public Library with its city views, and the ceremony and reception at intimate and industrial Brix & Mortar. Playful details mixed with hard lines, brick, concrete.... truly one of my faves to date!!


My day started with Tomas at Yaletown's OPUS hotel in one extremely packed room with Tomas and his family and groomsmen. All dressed, having received a very special gift from his to-be-wife, and a Hibiki whiskey toast down the hatch, we boogied over to the VPL rooftop and got everything set-up for one of the absolute sweetest first looks I've ever witnessed. Tomas' reaction was just everything oh my gosh! Definitely warranted- Maddy looked absolutely amazing in her romantic-but-modern floral embroidered gown. And I'm legit obsessed with her bouquet (and with all the florals for the whole day!!)

First look lead right into bouncing between wedding party photos and bridal portraits with the Vancouver skyline juxtaposed with the Roman Colloseum-inspired architecture of the VPL. The lighting was just perfect, soft but with the sun still peeking out and creating such a beautiful glow. The whole day was such a perfect contrast of soft and playful with hard. Portraits in the can, we were off to Brix for their moody and romantic ceremony. Friends and family lined the walls, creating such an intimate and personal atmosphere. Tears were aplenty all round!

Signed, sealed and be-ringed, family photos checked off, the newlyweds and their guests head inside for speeches and cocktails while the ceremony space was transformed into the perfect ultra-cool lounge space for their guests to mingle once the grazing tables opened up. Our night ended with first dances between Maddy and Tomas, and their respective parents, which lead right into the outbreak of a major dance party! 

Truly, truly one for the books.

2nd shot for Nomad by NK

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