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Manpreet & Ishmeet


joyous, lush, and colourful Indian wedding

ManpreetIshmeet020922 83.jpg

Super excited to share this super-lush, super-colourful Indian wedding finally!

Out of a wedding that can span 3-4 days or more, this was the Big Day with the full ceremony! I started the day at Ishmeet's parents' home where he was ready and waiting to begin the intricate traditional ceremony, called the Baraat, to don his regalia-like accoutrement, brought forth one-by-one by family members with an accompanying gift. A whirlwind of a ceremony, it felt like it was over in just minutes and we were off to the banquet hall, Ishmeet emerging triumphant from the sunroof of his plush ride greeted by friends and family of both the bride and the groom to lead him inside and to the altar.

A beautiful ceremony followed, guests spread out in front of the Mandap (altar) in a rainbow sea of colours. Manpreet, a show-stopper in her bright red and gold Lehenga, entered shortly as the ceremony commenced, and I definitely saw Ishmeet's eyes shining with a few tears! The highlight for me was definitely the Mangalphera, where bride and groom hold hands and circle four times around the Mandap to represent Dharma (morality), Artha (prosperity), Kama (gratification), and Moksha (spirituality)– Manpreet looked like an absolute vision as they made their way round and round!

After break to sate famished stomachs and welcome gifts from guests, it was over to the bride and groom's home for some cheeky doorgames, the bridesmaids having stolen Ishmeet's slippers and hiding his bride at ransom for some hefty marital promises before he was allowed to whisk her off back to his parents' home for the Havan. My favourite part is always the Aeki Beki, where their rings are hidden in a tray of milk and flowers– whoever finds theirs first will rule the household (Manpreet won, natch.... twice!!).

After this it was the home stretch of bridal portraits, first in a nearby flower-and-vine laden picturesque park, and then, as the sun began to lower, to Deer Lake for bridal party photos and a real grand finale where a romantic sunset rowboat awaited them, with fearless primary photog Michelle wading right in with them up to her waist, gear and all! Anything for the shot!

2nd shot for Diamond's Edge Photography

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