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lakeside sunset okanagan elopement

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Talk about cute! Top to bottom from the couple themselves, to the adorable backyard set-up, to all their guests, Dani & Ryan's sun-soaked Squamish wedding was just so fricken' sweet.

It was a scorcher of a day when Ben and I arrived. Dani rightfully enjoyed the A/C'd shelter of a friend's home across the street where she and some pals were getting ready, while Ryan and a few minimally-clothed buddies put the finishing touches on the backyard, promising that everything would be in shade by the time the guests arrived. Blankets and pillows set up on the grass served as guest seating, with a few benches for older family members' comfort as well, and the boughs of their fruiting green apple tree served as Dani & Ryan's altar. Rustic and personal details dotted the front and back yards, from wooden decor that perfectly fit the couples' outdoorsy adventurous vibe (hello, that vintage ski lift chair hanging from the apple tree?!), photos of special memories strung up clipped to twine along their fence, to fresh-from-the-gardening-store lupins, snapdragons, and lavender pots as florals. Fairy lights strung from the deck stretched over a healthy-sized dancefloor, and DJ booth, a promise of a good night to come.

In fitting casual style, Ryan got ready without fanfare, enlisting his backyard helpers with figuring out his pocket square. His ocean-blue jacket over cuffed rust-hued trousers and matching shoes felt modern, relaxed, and stylish. Again, no-fuss-preferred, their first look was literally just Dani (in a flirty and fun lace top and knee-length tulle skirt) walking into the backyard and Ryan turning around! We packed right into Ben's truck and took off for a special secluded spot along the Squamish River for some portraits, which were kept simple and fun with Dani & Ryan splashing in the water to get a little relief from the beating sun and dancing under the shade of the trees.

Heading back home, the now-shady backyard was filled with loved ones sipping negronis from the DIY negroni bar set-up in the front yard, and getting comfy on a pillow. They weren't left waiting long, with the ceremony getting underway as Dani & Ryan entered together, hand-in-hand. There ceremony was sweet and emotional, with special reading from family members and loved ones in the audience. Definitely a few tears were shed, in between a whole lotta laughs.

Knot tied, guests were eager to get some face time with the bride and groom as they mingled and congratulated, the bar open and lawn games set up as delicious finger-food was brought round. This was genuinely one of the nicest guest groups I've ever experienced- Ben and I were truly treated as friends! You could really tell what an amazing (and colourful!) community Dani & Ryan have surrounded themselves with.

Speeches kicked off dinner, set up on their amply sized deck with a perfect view of Stawamus Chief presiding over Squamish in the distance. An incredible dinner that somehow managed to be even more delicious than the hors d'oeuvres came out in 4 delicious courses. Seriously, these guys went all-out on the food, holy smokes. And to keep it cool on a hot summer night, locally made pies and ice cream in lieu of a cake. It was straight onto the dancefloor as the world-class DJ got the party started and the sun began to finally set. Leaving was honestly bittersweet- if I didn't have a drive back to the city, I would've been sorely tempted to stick around and get down! 

Totally loved this one, and if you're considering a backyard wedding..... let this be your divine sign!!

2nd shot for Sea to Sky Photography

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