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JUNE 2023

Sarah & Des


glamorous fun-filled northview golf club wedding

SD170623 466.jpg

Vendor Team

Photography: El Dunfield Photography

Venue/Caterer: Northview Golf & Country Club

Officiant: Evelyn Erridge

Florals: Proline Flowers
HMUA: Katsuno Beauty

Cake: JustCakes

DJ: DJ Tyco

Photobooth: Flashphotobooth

Throwback to the beginning of my 2023 wedding season!

Sarah & Des got hitched mid-June at Northview Golf and Country Club and it was the perfect mix of glam and just plain fun with a few traditional multicultural twists! I gotta say- I can only aspire to Sarah & Des' level of chill- I think I was more keyed up than they were!! If there were any nerves or stress present for either, I truly couldn't detect it!

We started off with a first look atop a pretty little bridge under overcast skies (to anyone stressing about weather- truly overcast is your friend when it comes to photography!), Sarah stunning in a glamorous beaded ballgown and Des looking sharp as a knife in his classic black tuxedo. We went straight into getting our wedding party photos done, which—handy tip—saves precious time post-ceremony for a couple to mingle with guests before the reception begins rather than disappear for that whole interval!

After that, it was right back out of the wedding attire and into traditional garb for door games (some of the funniest I've seen!!) and the tea ceremony. Post-tea-ceremony, while guests enjoyed a light lunch, it was back into the western suit and gown for Sarah and Des, staying hidden away until all the guests cleared out and settled in the pretty tucked-away lawn where the ceremony space was set up amongst the protective trees. As the guests took their seats and the ceremony got underway, out came the sun– we got the best of both worlds this day! The ceremony was short and sweet, and guests blew bubbles as the newlyweds danced back down the aisle. 

We kept close for portraits, using the pretty foliage around the ceremony area, and then it was back to the clubhouse to get the party started, which Sarah & Des certainly did, immediately ordering a round of shots with their best buds! The reception was dotted with speeches and several games that kept the guests and couple laughing the whole way through. After a delicious dinner buffet, Sarah ducked out for a 3rd wardrobe change of the night, into a curve-hugging gold-hued evening gown perfect for getting busy on the dancefloor while looking super glam. After a quick round of sunset photos out on the now-safely-closed green, we hustled back inside to get the dancefloor popping, aided by customised lightsticks and a top tier DJ team.

A great way to kick off my season!

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