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MAY 2022

Shine & Solimon


emotional, detail-filled muslim wedding

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Finally able to share my first wedding of the 2022 season, from way back in May 2022!

A marathon 12-hour day, packed from start to finish with locations, outfits, and ceremonies, but also packed with so much love and emotion! 

The day started for me at groom Solimon's parents' house with him getting into Western suit, helped by his cousin, nephew, and father. Hopping in a super-sleek wedding-bedecked Corvette, it was off to a nearby park for First Look and portraits with his gorgeous bride-to-be, Shine. 

Shine looked unbelievably stunning in her gold-embellished red velvet salwar kameez and matching blush pink dupatta, paired with layers of beautiful gold, red and white jewelry. Solimon was (appropriately!) overwhelmed when he turned around to see her, tears in his eyes and the biggest smile on his face! After a few quick photos with parents and siblings, it was into the bridal portraits! And boy did these two make for some gorgeous portraits...!

A quick ride nearby to Michelle's studio provided some intimate, moody shots before popping back outside for a few last photos along the forested path behind the building.

Then it was back to Solimon's parents' home for an outfit change into his traditional kurta and kufi and a bit of a breather before it was time to head to the Nikah ceremony and reception. Much needed on that exceptionally hot late-May day!

The ceremony & reception hall was beautiful decorated in creams and golds, and sparked with crystal accents. Friends and family were already eagerly awaiting the bride and groom's arrival. Solimon entered first to begin the Nikah ceremony, surrounded by the effervescent energy of a sea of family members accompanying his entrance into the hall, cheering and singing in celebration. Sat on the dais, Solimon was grinning ear to ear as his family entered behind him until finally it was time for Shine to come down the aisle. 

Both were in tears immediately, overcome with emotion, quickly followed by several family members also dabbing at eyes! I, too, felt quite emotional watching the way they met each other and the love and happiness that radiated from both their faces! They were so obviously meant for each other!

Their Imam lead them through a beautiful ceremony, from proposal, acceptance, and witness into the Mahr, the Wali, and finally the Nikah itself. Throughout, Shine and Solimon held hands, frequently shooting each other grins. Truly, get yo'self a partner who looks at you the way these to looked at each other!!

Nikah done, rings exchanged, vows exchanged, cheers cheered, and family members kissed and hugged, it was into a delicious dinner while Shine and Solimon made a brief exit to have a few moments alone to celebrate and for Shine to change into her Western wedding gown, a lovely lace-covered A-line. 

Making their grand entrance as a married couple, the night progressed with speeches, dance performances, scripture readings, cake cutting, and then, finally, on the dance floor, lights flashing, music pumping, and feet stomping!! 

2nd shot for Diamond's Edge Photography

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