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JULY 2023

Veronica & Marc


sweet & fun stanley park connection session

VM050723 38.jpg

I feel like all my summer 2023 shoots & weddings happened on all the hottest days of the summer?!

This cute Stanley Park one was no exception- I was sweatin', but these two looked cool as cucumbers! We started out at Beaver Lake to get acquainted- it's always really important to me with connection sessions to establish the trust and rapport that will make the wedding day feel comfortable and easy. Hence why I prefer to call them connection sessions rather than engagement sessions!

We continued west through the woods and took advantage of that beautiful late afternoon light filtering through the big trees- maybe my favourite shots of the day! And then it was back and around the other side of the lake before jumping in our vehicles and circling the park around to 3rd beach to jump out and catch the sunset. (And no, the beach was NOT empty on a July Sunday... the magic of editing!). 


These two were so fun and easy to work with. Full of cute moments I didn't need to direct at all, super giggly and sweet with each other! I always tell my couples that the best approach to take for these sessions (and wedding portraits) is to dial your regular PDA up to 11 and be as self-directed as possible. I'll be shouting "do that again!!!" a lot, but it'll feel and look a lot more natural in the end than what people tend to think posing in front of a camera entails! Veronica and Marc totally set themselves up for success on this front, and it benefited them on their big day like woah! (Keep an eye out for their sweet beach wedding on the blog coming up soon!)

If only I didn't have all my camera gear on I would have jumped right in at the end, it was a gorgeous evening!

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