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Vivian & Dustin


modern mix of beachy and industrial wedding at the wallace

VivianDustin270822 131.jpg

One of my absolute faves of the 2022 season!!

Vivian and Dustin's wedding day dawned bright and sunny, the perfect not-too-hot end-of-summer vibe. A very brief stop-in as Dustin was finishing getting ready at the couples' nearby condo and we were off to the venue-adjacent Seaside Hotel, where Dustin was truly put through his paces with a series of 6 different door games to finally gain access to his to-be! There was a very public rendition of The Backstreet boys, ping pong ball madness in a hallway, cheekily placed no-hands-allowed balloon popping, a first-timewaxing experience, blackmail-worthy banana consumption, and then finally, a forking over of some hefty amounts of cash. Clearly Vivian, decked out in traditonal red and gold for their Chinese tea ceremony, was well worth it, though!

The tea-ceremony was kept short and sweet, both parties walking away with not a few sparkly baubles, nd then it was all-guests-out for Vivian to get into her incredible floral lace overlay gown. After a quick lounge in the scenic bathtub with a little bubbly, we were off to West Van for their (second) first look (complete with the classic best-man-in-a-hlloween-wedding-gown-fake-out), private vows and portraits. Took one for the team and got a little wet wading in a big tidal pool to get a couple of these shots.... totally worth it!

Epic portraits in the can, it was back to Lonsdale Quay for their equally-epic city-and-ocean-view-heavy ceremony on The Wallace's rooftop deck. After? Family photos and.... more portraits, of course! This time with a more modern industrial twist with the renovated and newly-chic shipyards as the setting. And I just wanna say, these to absolutely hit the ball out of the park as portrait subjects! Newlyweds-to-be take notes!! If there's one time and place where PDA is not just appropriate but enthusiastically welcomed, it's for these photos! These two were absolutely full of genuine laughs, adorable affection, sneaky kisses, and overall just had fun with it! Their energy was truly contagious and is so palpable in their photos through the whole day!

It was then time for their grand entrance (peep those candids I snuck of these two being frankly nauseatingly cute pre-introduction in the hallway- I kid you not they were slow dancing by themselves, nobody watching, not for the cameras or video or anything!) which lead straight into their first dance as the setting sun beamed through the industrial rafters. A delicious and beautifully plated 4 course dinner dotted with sweet and genuinely funny speeches, cake cut (yes, that's their little pup represented in miniature and yes, he's definitely gotten a head tart on the cake!), our night was almost over! It was a quick dash out to their lounge set-up in the still-balmy summer night for some last flash-friendly pics, neon sign behind them clearly ringing true: Better Together!!

2nd shot for Nomad by NK

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