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Catering to the free-spirited, the world-travelers, the live-life-to-its-fullest, no-holds-barred, every-day-like-its-the-last crowd. 


El Dunfield Photography

Welcome friends and soon-to-be-friends!

You've already taken the first step in our creative collaboration by stumbling across this site! Cheesy? Definitely. But that's really what it's all about– collaboration.

Whether you're looking for the someone to capture all laughter, tears, and tender in-betweens of your big day or family in just the way you've been imagining it, or maybe you're a small business owner or creative in need of a serious personal branding overhaul, or perhaps you're just a regular 'ol human being wanting to find the space to give a little love to your own perfectly imperfect lil' meat-bag with a personal session– I've got you.

This is a space for the "I don't know what to do in front of a camera" types. The "I've never loved my body but I really want to" types. The "honestly I don't give a fuck about fancy posing, I just want to party" types. The "I just never had the time or energy before, but I ain't gettin' any younger" types. The "we've been waiting for this for three goddamn years now!!!" types.

It's cool, it's cool– we're all weird here. Let's get weird together.

Ok so you're intrigued, but you need some eye candy to know if you really vibe with my style. Finding the right fit is everything, so let's get take it to the tailor.

So what now?

let's dig a little deeper...

You're liking what you've seen and heard so far, but we're talking weddings here. It's kind of a big deal. You wanna see the goods. You gotta visualise– see the wedding... breathe the wedding... BE the wedding... ok chill out and read a couple blogs, bud. 

You don't care about all this wedding stuff, you just want some bomb photos of you looking, like, really really ridiculously good looking. Pants optional.

Or maybe you're like, El, what is the deal with the whole Kin Photo thing anyways??? Well, friend...

The pics look good, but you need to know more about the creature behind the camera and the experience on offer before you can fully commit.

I've done the world's best job at selling you without even leaving the homepage and you're ready to lay it all on the line immediately.

Are we soulmates...???

Featured Story

damn, y'all look good...


Hilary & Jordan

Epic Sunshine Coast Wedding at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort – The Epitome of a West Coast Wedding!

It's finally here!!

I am legit obsessed with this whole day and everyone in it!!!

After being put through the absolute ringer with a venue falling through on them after months of being strung along, Hilary and Jordan finally secured a date (June 11, 2022) and a Sunshine Coast venue (Rockwater Secret Cove Resort). The both of them residing currently in Toronto for their graduate studies, the original plan was for us to get together sometime in the spring on one of their planned pre-wedding trips to the coast. As time drew short, though, they requested that their connection session be used as a day-before session before their rehearsal BBQ which Jordan's parents, who live in Gibsons, were hosting.

It's hard to even know where to start with this truly epic day..... 

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Lip Service

"El is a very talented photographer and graphic artist. She understood quickly my ideas for the CD artwork and made them materialize to great results. Her input and suggestions were very valuable. I highly recommend her."

André Lachance

The Orange Project 2017

Après L'Hiver 2022

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