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Chelsea, Alastair & Miles

smoky morning family session at bowness park


Still feeling tender over this one!

Alastair is an old old old high school pal of mine from Calgary who I met in band. We got close in my senior year when my band director forced me to play clarinet in Wind Ensemble to boost my doubling skills in preparation for my university jazz program, but let me tell you, I was not having it at the time. Having Alastair's easygoing personality and charmingly dorky jokes behind me in the trumpet section helped ease the sting, though! I've kept abreast of his goings on through good 'ol instagram over the years since I left Calgary, and I was so happy to see him find and then marry his wonderful partner Chelsea, and then to see them welcome a gorgeous baby boy into their lives.

The unfortunate circumstances of my mother seriously breaking her leg and needing a caregiver brought me back to Calgary for a whole month of the summer- the longest I'd been in town since my teens!– and I quickly dropped Alastair a line wanting to meet up and see if they might even be interested in a little family session. I was thrilled when he said yes!

Working around the schedule of a teething infant took some doing, but we eventually met under hazy wildfire-smoky skies one August morning in Bowness Park. Miles was an absolute star at the whole photo-thing! Great faces, lots of laughs, no problem looking right down my lens, zero fussing, and eventually hunkered down for a nap that he even allowed us to prop him on his mom's chest and continue shooting through! Magic baby....??? 

Spending this time catching up with Alastair, meeting and getting to know Chelsea, and interacting with Miles was actually a total highlight of my summer and one of my favourite shoots! Family shoots aren't always easy, especially with infants, but this one was a real dream. Doesn't hurt when your clients are amazing like-minded people who are almost TOO-easy to talk to! (Getting treated to brunch afterwards doesn't hurt either!!)

Hope to be able to capture this sweet lil' family again as they grow in the future!

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