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Ali Bruce

editorial in-home kinphoto session


My good pal Ali–an extremely talented & skilled artist and tattoo artist–and I did a fun little trade to celebrate her birthday. Scorpio Queen!

I'd been wanting to do a shoot like this (and more of them) for a long time now but the logistics of pandemic-era restrictions didn't allow for it 'til now. 

I am SO pleased with the way these turned out. The light in Ali's top-floor apartment was perfect on this overcast day where the sun peeked through every so often. I am so thankful for the trust that is placed in me with intimate shoots like this one. She looks like an absolute smokeshow (which she is!!), and I'm so stoked that she's stoked on this shoot!

Plus I got some sick top-of-the-hand life-ruiners out of the deal (which have yet to ruin anything and only get compliments on her amazing work), so I'd say it was a pretty sick deal for both parties involved! 

Check out Ali's fantastic work and maybe book yourself a lil' zap-sesh! As a treat ;)

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