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JUNE 2022

Alisha & Aidan

laidback multicultural hart house wedding


Alicia and Aidan were easily one of the most chill couples I've ever worked with!

2nd shooting for Kristen for the first time, it tracks; super chill couple, super chill photographer.

The ball got rolling with Aidan and the guys downtown at a lovely airbnb condo they had rented near Coal Harbour. Can I just say I am loving this trend?? Wedding photography/videography is an investment, and you want the results to reflect your investment! If your home is not the greatest space in terms of amount of space or light etc, a 1 night airbnb rental (or there's other options for hourly space rentals, even!) can really be a fantastic choice!

The boys' lovely simple henna designs added such a nice touch and made for great photos, and Aidan sure looked sharp in his blue jacquard Nehru jacket.

Hart house is such a lovely venue. Having grown up in a tudor-style home, they always make me feel a bit sentimental! The ceremony was set up far back on the 2nd lawn towards the lake, and the reception tent set up towards the back of the first lawn. A great mix of sun and cloud made for some dynamic lighting throughout the day. 

After a quick first look inside Hart House, it was go time! Alisha (beautifully decked out in regal gold) and Aidan entered together, with their adorable pup trotting very obediently between them! The ceremony was short and sweet, a mix of sentimental and traditional cultural details in a neat little package. It was clear the "let's get to the good part" for them was being able to just celebrate together with their loved ones. A sun-dappled cocktail hour (with some fuzzy feathered interlopers previously chased off the lawns) lead into a reception with some of the best buffet food I've had the pleasure of enjoying, heartfelt speeches, and then dancing! Nary an empty spot on that dance floor!

2nd shooting for Kristen Pay Photography

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