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Amanda & Devin

cozy autumn mountain wedding at fraser river lodge


Autumn was always my favourite season all growing up into adulthood. The colours! The coziness! The boots and jackets and hot drinks! The chill in the air and the smell of woodsmoke! 

Amanda and Devin's autumnal Fraser River Lodge wedding had absolutely impeccable fall vibes. Hand painted pumpkins, rich florals in pinks and reds, burgundy felt hats, the rustic log beams of the lodge, and the perfect mix of sun, cloud and a sprinkle of rain made for the quintessential autumn wedding. The bright yellows and oranges painting the sides of a mist & cloud shrouded Mt. Cheam across the river was the cherry on top of the perfect setting. I was SO happy to grab this late-season wedding 2nd shooting for Mark Burnham for the first time, who was a total treat to work with, and a consummate pro while also being super kind and collaborative.

Devin looked dapper as hell in deep blues and reds that matched Amanda's hat and flowers. Amanda's gown.... hello?! Yards of light-catching duchess satin and a beautiful sheer floral applique bodice complete with delicate off-the-shoulder straps?? Absolutely gorgeous!!! And peep the practical converse she was rocking underneath! Major kudos to Amanda for being absolutely chill regarding the inevitable muddying of her beautiful skirt, trusting Mark to work his editing magic and the future dry-cleaner's expertise haha.

As always, resort/lodge weddings that are self-contained with everyone having a separate but still onsite space to prepare are a gift in terms of timeline planning. We just had so much time and space to get everything we needed! Time to shoot a little pool with boys, get creative with the detail shots, and still take a short jaunt over to tree-lined first look location and back with time to spare before the ceremony got underway.

Speaking of the ceremony, just so happens Amanda & Devin, whose wedding was yet another pandemic-rescheduled-affair, had already eloped the previous summer, not wanting to wait a whole extra year to seal the deal. So they really had fun with their ceremony, the bulk of it comprised of a completely hilarious reenactment of the wedding scene from The Princess Bride. It took a moment for some of the guests to sus out what was happening when one of Devin's groomsmen came out in his priestly garb, but by the first "maiwage" everyone caught on and the room was in stitches from then on.

2nd shooting for Mark Burnham Photography

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