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MARCH 2019

Ardeshir Pourkeramati

minimalist modern headshots & downtown vancouver artist portraits


Ardeshir is another school-connection of mine, though I don't think our time there actually overlapped! I worked as the departmental photographer for the jazz program for a few years post-graduation and got to know Ardi, a talented saxophonist, a bit through that. I was really stoked when he reached out wanting some professional shots done! 

Ardeshir wanted a strong 'city' vibe. We started off at my place doing some simple white-on-white portraits to show off his gorgeous horn and that would be versatile for him to use in marketing. Next we boogied over to downtown and bounced from Gastown for some of that classic cobblestone look, and then over to Yaletown for some glass buildings and to catch the golden hour light from the West. 

Ardi was super easy to work with and really trusted me to take the reins. It was so nice to spend a little time to hang out and get to know each other and bond over our many shared experiences as well! Really fun day!

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