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MAY 2020

Carly & Jordan

beautiful rainy spring wedding at a private langley farmhouse


My first COVID-era wedding!

And a true lesson in rolling with the punches!

This was pretty early days into the pandemic, and Carly & Jordan were lucky enough to have their wedding at a private residence (I believe it was actually an airbnb rental which is wild but totally genius!- future clients please take note!!) with minimal vendors, so they managed to squeak through with a few careful adjustments and a paired down guest list. I know they were both disappointed to not have some of their family and friends from out of town make it, but all things given, felt very lucky to have their bubble as it was able to be present!

The next big hurdle was the weather! It rained. A LOT!!! As the day grew closer, we all had our fingers crossed for things to brighten up, but when the day-before rolled around, it became clear that it was what it was and they were going to have to just adapt! And adapt they did. They both did a really remarkable job both leading up to and during the day just making the best of everything, from changing their ceremony location from the epic oak tree in the front yard to the front porch all the way to the whole bridal party being nothing but smiles and helpful hands maneuvering everyone around in the pouring rain for the portraits. 

Some notable memories:

- COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Carly's amazing sphinx cat who totally stole the show while the getting ready!!

- Carly's sister surprising her with a very sentimental bottle of their grandmother's signature perfume. The reaction was so tender and sweet, what a thoughtful gift!

- Carly's incredible backless mermaid gown, holy moly! When we met for coffee the summer prior for the first time, she described herself (an RCMP officer) as a total tomboy, a cycling/running enthusiast, someone who rarely dressed up fancy or even wore make-up! She told me beforehand she excited for her dress and for her friends and family to see her in her full bridal glory, and boy did she deliver! She looked absolutely stunning.

- Jordan's mom was SO sweet and teary the entire day! She really made me tear up a few times just watching how much the day clearly meant to her and how happy she was for her son & new daughter!

- Really top tier speeches! I hear a lotttt of speeches in my job, and these ones were stand-outs. Carly's sister and Jordan's mom in particular!

All in all it was truly a wonderful day- full of happy tears, big laughs, and just a few wet feet.

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