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adventurous kinphoto session in southwestern alberta


For my first ever kinphoto portrait session, I enlisted my gorgeous cousin Chloe to pack a couple outfits, book a day off, and be down to go anywhere. 

During my month-long stint in Alberta caring for my injured mom, I frequently got out of the house by just chucking some water and fruit in my car, turning on a playlist, and just driving wherever my heart desired. Living out in the countryside, you can go any direction and find the most beautiful hidden spots- no maps, here, folks. When living there, I really hated Calgary/Alberta- it was SO different from the mountains and lakes and oceans and forests I had grown up surrounded by. I couldn't wait til I turned 18 and got outta there back where I belonged, and that's exactly what I did. But as I've grown older (having a car definitely helps too haha), I've definitely grown an appreciation for the beauty of the prairies and foothills.

This shoot is my love letter to a place that felt like an antagonist in my teenage years.

We took off towards Elbow Falls to start, stopping along the way on the side of the highway in the Kananaskis and booking it across to hang out with a herd of cows, then headed back east to grassy western meadows, and south to the Longview area and its beautiful rolling green foothills. As the light began to fade and a wildfire-tinged red sun sank close to the horizon, we headed further south and west to the flat canola fields of Nanton (we took care not to squash any of this farmer's precious crop!). Sun set, we headed back home after a little gentle non-mazda-approved off-roading through some fields in search of a lake that by late August was just a reedy marsh.

This is my FAVOURITE type of shoot to do: the get-in-the-car-and-just-drive type. More, please!!!

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