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MAY 2021


brand new labradoodle backyard puppy session



Oh my god I love puppy sessions!!

One of my couples from later in the season requested their package-included connection session be subbed out for a photo session for their brand new labradoodle puppy Davy and I was more than down to get some puppy-time in!

It was a hot early summer day heading not too far from my own hood to this charming heritage home and their adorable backyard. After letting Davy get his zoomies out while the groom-to-be showed off his home-made meat smoker (that was all fired up and smelling incredible by the way), we got down to the business of trying to get a 5 month old puppy with a new person to get excited about calm down enough that the film wasn't just a total blur of black-and-brown curls.

I'd say he definitely showed off some purina-model level skills here. What a sweetie!!

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