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Dylan Holm

countryside autumn artist session


Dylan, another old university pal of mine, reached out to me wanting some updated photos for a wide variety of uses, from classic headshots to a country vibe to fit his band endeavours to something classic and cozy with his horn. 

I spent a whole day ahead of this shoot driving all over the south Langley-Cloverdale area, a spot I wasn't previously very familiar with as a East-Van-dwelling city-slicker. Finding some great spots, I was thrilled when the weather also worked in our favour to provide a gorgeous autumn day at the very end of October- a very dicey time to plan an outdoor shoot!

I met with Dylan (and his recently-engaged fiancée Toni who was basically my assistant for the day and who was AWESOME to have with us!) at Campbell Valley Park to take advantage of the great heritage farm buildings accessible to the public (we saved the trespassing for later in the day ;D). Not gonna lie, sometimes sessions with cis dudes are challenging! They tend to be stiffer, less aware of what looks good on camera, less aware of their bodies etc. Dylan was a complete natural, though, to the point where my life was really hard during the culling process because almost ALL the shots were not just useable, but really great!

Next, a little light trespassing on a little cattle farm I had found whose cow-shed was a relatively safe distance away from the house (honestly I did try to find the business name and reach out beforehand to no avail...... oh well.... I tried!!). We kept it quicker than the number of shots would lead you to believe, with Toni keeping a watchful eye, and then hustled outta there tout suite to another spot I had found down at the end of an unfinished gravel road that had perfect long grass to nestle between. After that as the light was getting low, we finished off at a weird little abandoned industrial spot I found close to the border crossing and set up a backdrop for some more "serious artiste" shots. I snuck Toni in at the end for a few shot as a thank you for all her help!

I'm so excited that these two were happy enough with their experience that they asked me to be their wedding photographer for their big day in 2023! I genuinely can't wait!!

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