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JUNE 2022

Erin & Johnny

early summer cates park connection session


So excited to shoot Erin & Johnny's wedding this September!

We met up in early June just before Johnny headed off on his weekend bachelor trip. And by "just before", I mean JUST before. As in he went straight from our shoot to the ferry!

We managed to grab a short window of Friday morning sun in an otherwise very rainy start of the month at the lovely Cates park in North Van, which was blessedly pretty empty of the usual hordes of families (they definitely started to show up as we wrapped up, though). Despite being nervous about being in front of the camera for the first time, these two quickly relaxed and gave me a ton of adorable moments to capture.

Connection sessions are sooo good for this- getting those camera-jitters/nerves out of the way way before the big day, us getting to know each other more and build a proper rapport. It also really helps me sus out the vibe of a couple and their comfort levels before throwing them in the deep end on an already stressful day!

Erin and Johnny killed it, and I can't wait to see how their wedding portraits are gonna turn out!

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