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JUNE 2018

Hilary & Jordan

adorable gibsons backyard pre-wedding session & rehearsal BBQ



It feels like forever I'd been waiting for this weekend to come!

After being put through the absolute ringer with a venue falling through on them after months of being strung along, Hilary and Jordan finally secured a date (June 11, 2022) and a Sunshine Coast venue (Rockwater Secret Cove Resort). The both of them residing currently in Toronto for their graduate studies, the original plan was for us to get together sometime in the spring on one of their planned pre-wedding trips to the coast. As time drew short, though, they requested that their connection session be used as a day-before session before their rehearsal BBQ which Jordan's parents, who live in Gibsons, were hosting. 

After an early morning ferry over to the coast (and a quick nap parked alongside the beach!), the weather really blessed us with this gorgeous sunny early summer afternoon- not to hot, not too cold; a real Goldilocks kinda day that would carry over to their wedding day the next day.

Finally getting to meet these two was wonderful. We got along so great when we chatted on zoom, and I had been eagerly waiting this epic coastal weekend ever since. They were just as great in front of the camera as I hoped they'd be, constantly giving me cute interactions to capture and leaving my work very minimal with only some basic "let's go over here," and "big smile!!" type of direction required.

After our quick little session, they scurried off to get changed before their guests arrived as the parents prepared a Greek-themed feast in Jordan's parents' GORGEOUS home that sat on a bluff directly overlooking the ocean.

As guests arrived, I really started to get an inkling about what was to come! I was immediately blown away by their friends- how close they all were, even with both Hilary and Jordan's families, greeting them like favourite aunts and uncles, and how they were all just overflowing with love for this couple. I've never seen such a large but incredibly tight knit group of family and friends, and this was only a taste of what the vibes would be the next day!

I left for my airbnb in Halfmoon Bay with a full tummy and a warmed heart, even more excited for the next day, which you can read all about here!

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