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MARCH 2022

Jeremy Wong

modern minimalist heritage studio artist portraits


Jeremy, a fantastic vocalist hailing from my alma mater program, reached out this spring needing some photos done for his upcoming album and the marketing.

We spent a good amount of time discussing beforehand his conceptual ideas for the album and thoughts surrounding the album cover. With "self-reflection" in mind, our brainstorming revolved around mirrors. 

We decided to rent a space in a lovely heritage building in gastown for our shoot, which had some mirrors in it already- the others I brought! We also wanted to get a nice selection of options for non-album-cover related purposes, so we utilised every corner of the space, as well as several different outfits!

Jeremy really trusted my artistic opinion/vision on this, which was a blessing. Thank you, bud! Such a pleasure to shoot such a lovely subject in such a lovely space!

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