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JULY 2019

Leah & Elliot

heartfelt, quirky wedding at sage ubc


Dream couple alert! 


I got to shoot with the wonderful Michelle again and damn she gets such good couples! This time it was Leah & Elliot for their heartfelt, quirky wedding at Sage, UBC. The three best things about this day:


1) The couple

2) Working with Michelle again

3) The day-of -coordinator, Winnie, was amazing!


We arrived in the early afternoon at UBC and went downstairs from Sage, splitting up so Michelle was off with the ladies, and I was with the groom & his crew, who had his sister as one of his ‘groomspeople’. It made such a huge difference shooting a wedding at the same place the wedding party was getting ready. No driving around to multiple locations. We had literal hours to get our portraits and wedding party photos done! Goals!!


First look was done in the woods behind the Museum of Anthropology, and then I fetched the rest of the bridal party and we did our wedding party photos in the woods and the fields near the long house. Such a sweet group of people who obviously had so much love for the bride and groom. The rest of the party headed back and we stayed to do some portraits with Leah and Elliot. Michelle and I were so stoked when Leah was down to sitting in the long yellow grass with Elliot! The two of them were such gems; sweet, relaxed, easy to work with, and they both had a killer sense of humour! I could immediately see why they were such a good fit. I’m thrilled with the way their grassy romantic portraits came out! What a good lookin’ pair!!

The ceremony was held on the pond-surrounded pavilion behind Sage and was short and sweet with emotional tears from wedding party, bride and groom, and family aplenty! Then after some wrangling we managed to get all the family members present for photos in the rose garden. The dinner was incredibly delicious, shout-out to Sage, and the highlight of the speeches was most definitely the mother-of-the-bride's, who gave probably the best wedding speech I've ever heard (when I complimented her on it, she even offered to let me have her paper she was reading from! Hello wedding speech fodder for the rest of my life!) with some incredibly poignant words of wisdom. 

Then it was time to cut the cake (which the groom and his sister made!! What?!!) and dance! One of the sweetest moments of the day was Leah's grandparents dancing in front of the crowd, as it happened to be their 60th wedding anniversary that day! Last thing on our schedule was sneaking out with Leah and Elliot for a few sunset photos on the roof, which turned into a group photo sesh full of laughter. Perfect end to a perfect day! Wish they were all this good!

2nd shot for Michelle Chartrand Photography

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