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MARCH 2022

Mel Rossi

tender in-home kinphoto maternity session


Endlessly grateful to Mel for inviting me into her home and trusting me to do this very tender and intimate maternity shoot this spring.

Despite being someone who has never been pregnant and will never be pregnant, I really adore listening to folks talk about their experiences with it– the relationship with their own body and the way it changes is fascinating and beautiful, I think. Pregnancy is not a cookie-cutter experience– it's not always glowing skin and inner peace. Sometimes it's never glowing skin and inner peace! 

It seems like maternity shoots are often only "for" those who feel like some sort of healthy radiant thriving "goddess" during their pregnancy. Some struggle with the experience, medically, physically, and mentally, and that's super valid. You don't have to be some sort of Mother Earth fantasy to do a maternity shoot. You don't have to be having the most smooth and easy pregnancy. You don't have to be feeling your best, or like you would normally figure you "should" feel for the experience to be worthy of marking with a photo session. 

Mel wanted a reminder, for herself in years to come, about how she felt and looked shortly before giving birth. Not because she felt incredible, not because she felt she looked glow-y and goddess-y, just because she wanted to be able to look back and remember– the good and the tough.

Thank you so much Mel for having me in your pre-baby nest and for the trust in a vulnerable time! The time we spent and convos we had really stuck with me!

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