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JULY 2022

Miri & Pepe

minimalist modern-boho pacific rim wedding


Right off the bat, this is easily one my favourite weddings ever.

I was super stoked to be 2nd shooting for Nat again. When you see "Fairmont Pacific Rim" as the sole venue for getting ready, ceremony, and reception, you usually have an assumption, as a wedding vendor, of what it the deal is (think luxury! opulence! glamour!).

I don't think either of us were expecting the modern, minimalistic, subtle luxury that awaited us in the chairman's suite with Miri and Pepe! Talk about class and taste! Every detail from the space to the styling to the decor was impeccable and straight out of a magazine. This looked more like a styled shoot than a real wedding! And being a very intimate affair, we also had loads of time to pay attention to the smallest of details. Honestly, honing down the shot list for this one in both the culling process and in choosing what to share for the gallery was super difficult! Everything looks amazing and share-worthy!

We started, as Miri was getting her hair and make up done in the loft, with getting the most beautiful details shots of both their outfits and accessories in the incredibly beautiful master bathroom with wall-to-wall windows looking out across the decorative pond to the gazebo pavilion where the ceremony was being held. We had plenty of time to get all the shots we needed and more, and took our time getting them fully-garbed, as well as giving some love to the couples' ADORABLE corgi, Bibi. Miri looked drop-dead gorgeous in a 70's inspired gown with matching curls and modern, minimalistic accessories, while Pepe matched perfectly with both Miri and the subtle-boho/beachy Mexican decor with a grey linen jacket, suede loafers and a boutonniere of dried flowers. We staged a casual little first look on the stairs (Miri's dad gave us a great candid moment when he unexpectedly wandered over and saw her as well!) followed by portraits (some of my favourite portraits ever).

As guests arrived through the private separate elevator to the rooftop pavilion, we got ready for the ceremony. It was a short and heartfelt affair, done all in Spanish as the majority of Miri & Pepe's guests were fellow Spanish-speakers (the couple are Mexican). At the end, as per tradition, their guests rang tiny silver bells to celebrate their union. A short speech from the two of them thanking their guests for coming, and it was into the cocktail hour. Rain earlier in the day had necessitated setting up a tent to cover the informal sitting areas, bar and food service, which ranged from a luxurious seafood raw bar, to steamed bao and dumplings, and a taco station serving a fusion of Mexican & Asian flavours! The tastefully subtle beachy-boho decor echoed their Mexican heritage perfectly. Inside the suite, a glamorous portrait booth was set up, and later, a gelato cart served guests tiny cones.

It was truly a magical one! Nat and I were totally blown away, and being completely self-contained gave us so much room to get creative. Thank you to Nat for allowing me a lot of creative freedom to try any ideas/set-ups I wanted- it is so so precious to work with people who you don't just gel with on a personal level, but who support you as a fellow creative artist! 

This is how you do relaxed luxury, y'all!

2nd shooting for Nomad by NK

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