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Niamh & Daniel

modern, romantic & moody van dusen gardens wedding


Styling, styling, styling!

Loving the new-modern anti-pinterest style a lot of couples are going for lately. Niamh & Daniel had the perfect modern, moody, yet lush styling for their big day, and Hannah (who I was 2nd shooting for) & I were both constantly complimenting them (Daniel, of course, maintained that all credit went to his bride).

Let this wedding be proof that an overcast wedding day makes for gorgeous pics! The beautiful diffused light and moody shadows gave a whole new look to their portraits at Van Dusen Gardens, which is typically seen as a sunny lush spot filled with colourful flowers. Not always the most "versatile", but between the weather and the end-of-summer hues, the result was so striking and went perfectly with the styling.


It doesn't hurt that these two are gorgeous on their own, of course. Daniel opted out of the boring black/blue suit choice and went for a contemporary city-vibe in a grey checked jacket, black pants and matching black & white polkadot bowtie and pocket square. The monochrome look was a refreshing change from the usual groom attire! Niamh's striking duchess satin mermaid gown with sheer panels and floral applique really stole the show, though! And that perfect row of buttons down the entire back of the dress? To die for.

The ceremony and reception took place at Shaughnessy Restaurant which was the perfect mix of intimate, modern, and rustic. The dark raw wood paired with the couples' abundance of gorgeous florals made for a truly romantic atmosphere. They kept the guest list tight, and the day really benefited from it- you could tell those present were the closest of family and friends, and the energy during the reception/speeches was so fun! Shout-out in particular to Niamh's Irish family & friends who really lived up to their country's merry-making reputation!


Working with Hannah for the first time was a fabulous experience! So inspiring to see someone so young absolutely killing it, and with such a strong, clean personal aesthetic. I definitely was a hot mess at 22, so mad props to her. The day totally flew by working by her side! 

2nd shot for Hannah Stepaniuk Photography

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