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WINTER 2018/2019

Parker Woods

contrasting industrial & natural artist portraits


Parker is another school buddy of mine, and is a very talented guitarist. We met over coffee in the fall of 2018 to discuss working on a few projects together, the first of which are these artist portraits!

We got together just off Commercial Drive above railtown to start off with, as he wanted an 'industrial', gritty vibe for some of them. I hadn't been expecting to be shooting into the night, so I didn't bring my flash equipment (moral 1 of the story: be prepared), so we had to get creative! The shot of him in front of the alley with the police lights flashing behind was a scramble of, "Oh shit! Quick! Get back in that pose!" and praying my previous camera settings would make due (moral 2 of the story: be ready to jump into action at any time)!

The next morning Parker and I met very early and boogied over the bridge to North Van and the industrial shipyard area directly to the East. We were a little nervous that we were trespassing, but decided it was easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission! We followed the train tracks to the bridge that spans the river and Parker was a great sport about climbing around on it, and was very trusting with his precious guitar that I wouldn't drop it in the river when handing it to him where he was perched!

Lastly we hopped back over the bridge and over to Burnaby Heights. We explored around the waterfront of Barnet Marine Park and found a little spot to grab the last close up portraits we needed - my favourites of the shoot!

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