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JULY 2022

Rose & Luke

stylish handmade mountain wedding at squamish lil'wat cultural centre


Holy decor alert!

Rose and Luke's Whistler wedding at Squamish Lil'Wat Cultural Centre was a veritable poo-poo-platter of inspo-worthy decor, primarily hand-made by the bride herself!

This short-but-sweet day for me was spent 2nd shooting for Alanna again, which is always the chillest experience- seriously I've been lucky to be working with a lot of laid back folks this summer but I think Alanna takes the cake for most relaxed! Her steady calm seemed to really put Rose and Luke at ease, too!

I arrived directly at the venue for the ceremony and set out capturing all the glorious decor. That wedding sign? GORGEOUS! The seating display? BEAUTIFUL! Everywhere you looked, there was beautifully made and styled decor. These modern and stylish details were balanced perfectly with bright wildflower-inspired florals interspersed around the ceremony and cocktail areas.

We launched very quickly into a beautiful ceremony with a lot of sweet personalisation, little details and tidbits that still are on my mind months later! The ceremony led immediately into a sunny cocktail hour. I stayed to capture lots of guest candids, something the couple had prioritised as being of high importance to them, while Alanna took them and the rest of the wedding party up into the forested area above the centre for portraits. Once they returned and Alanna had the cocktail hour covered, I went inside and down to the reception area to get more details of the tasteful set-up. SLCC is always one of my favourite reception spots- you just can't beat that gorgeous hall!

Sweet speeches from family and friends, expert MC-ing, and delicious food eventually lead downstairs where there was cannoli, tea and coffee, and a hopping dance floor courtesy of a bomb live band breaking out all the classics!

2nd shooting for Alanna Govenlock

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