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APRIL 2022

Richenda Smith

intimate heritage studio kinphoto session


Dang!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Richenda reached out to me in spring with interest in doing an intimate personal portrait session after seeing the results of our mutual friend Ali's shoot. 

We rented a heritage studio in Gastown and got together on a dreary spring day that offered the perfect diffused light for a soft portrait session glowing with natural light. I think we used almost every inch of that little studio! 

Richenda was an absolute natural in front of the camera, super relaxed and easy. It made my job so simple- I was simply the button-clicker! We both really fell in love with those beautiful old windows... we did try our best not to give the folks down on the street an unexpected free show haha.

We got so much done in the short time we had booked! Can't wait to work with Richenda again!

Thank you for the trust!!

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